Himalaya Tribulus Capsules 2,200.00

Himalaya Tribulus (Gokshura) is a single herb formulation prepared from the fruit extract of Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris). The herb has properties that help to improve sexual desire and capacity. Supports prostate health, libido, and physical energy Himalaya Tribulus (Gokshura) Capsule is enriched with herbs and helpful in improving men’s health and wellness. It stimulates testosterone levels in the body and boosts sexual drive. It also aids in strengthening muscles and treating sexual disorders for better sexual performance.

Himalaya Tribulus how increases testosterone:
Ayurveda made Tribulus famous as a reproductive and urinary tonic but also says it is a full-body, restorative adaptogen. The ancient texts call Tribulus a Rasayana, a select categorization of plants that bestow longevity and vitality. This ancient explanation shines a light on its diverse actions observed in research. Tribulus promotes genitourinary function and supports prostate health, libido, and physical energy.
HimalayaTribulus (Gokshura) improves sexual desire and drive, which subsequently improves sexual performance. The herb increases the level of natural endogenous testosterone by acting as a non-hormonal bio stimulator. Gokshura helps in managing erectile dysfunction by strengthening the penile tissue and enhancing penile erection.

HimalayaTribulus (Gokshura) is useful in the treatment of impotence, spermatorrhea, and seminal weakness. Treats oligospermia. Improves testosterone levels – improves sexual desire and maintains penis erection. Increases sperm count by regenerating dead sperm.
Prevents low sperm counts naturally. Treats male impotence. Improves sexual desire and maintains penis erection. Closes metal loss with nightmares and urination.

HimalayaTribulus (Gokshura) is especially effective for any type of patient:
The HimalayaTribulus (Gokshura) capsule is a completely organic formulation that can be taken by all types of patients. However, considering the age, it has been seen that it works well for patients aged 26-75 years. Patients with diabetes, hypertension, blood clots, heart problems, and kidney problems can also take it.

How to use HimalayaTribulus (Gokshura) How long to use:
According to the advice of expert doctors, for good results, it should be taken for two months. Eat one capsule every night after meals. There are 60 capsules in one bottle and you have to take it for two months.


Dose: 1 Capsule twice daily after food

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