VigorCare® for Men


Male Desire, Vitality, Stamina and Libido

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Male Desire, Vitality, Stamina and Libido

    • Ingredients in VigorCare for Men have shown to support normal male libido
    • Supports the adrenal glands and the normal impact of stress on the body
    • Supports normal communication between the nervous system and blood flow to experience healthy levels of passion and performance


60 Vegetarian Capsules | Take 2 capsules daily one hour before bedtime | Gluten Free | Magnesium Stearate Free | Synthetic Additive Free

Product Details

For men requiring regular or situational support for normal sexual desire and libido, VigorCare for Men is the non-hormonal, natural choice.

VigorCare for Men supports the normal production of key sex hormones such as testosterone, which are important for arousal, and strengthens the vital force that can provide sustainable and healthy energy levels.

It also includes one of the world’s rarest and most valued plants, Saffron, in a synergistic blend of adaptogens to reduce fatigue from overwork, physical or emotional exertion, and stress.

For men who want to support normal male reproductive function in a supportive and situational daily tonic, VigorCare for Men works. Safe for long term use.*


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